Maple Mistress

Date 9/22/2014
Name Maple Mistress
Brewery Saucony Creek Brewing Co.
Location Kutztown, PA
ABV 9.50%
Price $2.99
Style Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Color J-honey peach colored, K-hazy amber honey
Head J-good amount of head, lace-like, K-creamy, off-white head
Aroma J/K J-sour apple, K-pumpkin bread
Mouthfeel J-smooth yet crisp, K-full body with a spritzy carbonation
Ginger J-2, K-3
Allspice J-2, K-1
Nutmeg J-2, K-2
Cinnamon J-4, K-4
Cloves J-5, K-4
Pumpkin J-3, K-4
Hops J-well balanced, K-1
Overall J-4.25, K-4.0
Repeater J-oh yeah, I liked this one. K – definitely
Comments J-not overstrong like some imperial beers are, very drinkable, a little bit oily – but in a good way.   Pleasant burn on the back of the throat. Strong clove finish, very drinkable with depth and substance, but on the lighter side of the imperials so it’s easy to drink. Very fall-like. Didn’t taste any maple syrup though… K-Nice malt and pumpkin flavor, a bready beer that reminds me more of pumpkin bread than pumpkin pie (and I do love pumpkin bread!). Can taste a touch of the maple, and the clove really comes through on the finish. The imperial aspect comes through with a mild warming alcohol burn on the finish.
Beer Advocate Score 89
Brewery Notes Ale brewed with butternut squash with maple syrup & spices added.