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blue moonBlue Moon is a pretty tasty Belgian-style Witbier that is attracting a good number of beer drinkers who want something different than Bud, Miller or Coors. But note that it is a Belgian-style beer (i.e., not really from Belgium), and while it may appear to many to be a microbrew, in fact it’s a product of the Coors brewery:

So, is there anything wrong with enjoying a beer brewed by Coors? I’ll leave it to you to decide. But if your beer-drinking palate favors Blue Moon, I’d suggest trying any of a number of other quality craft-brewed witbiers, such as Allagash White from Maine, Ommegang Witte from Cooperstown, NY, or Blanche de Chambly from Quebec. There’s also the true Belgian original, Hoegaarden, which is now brewed and distributed by the makers of Stella Artois (InBev), making it easier to find these days (although some say it’s not quite the same ever since the big brewery took over).

Definition: Witbier

A Wit (or Witte, or White) beer is an unfiltered wheat beer that is flavored with orange peel and corriander, with other spices sometimes thrown in for good measure. It’s highly carbonated, and it’s light body and citrus flavors make it a very refreshing summertime brew.